the Monday Promise

It’s been a week since my first post and I’m at a lost for what I want to do, and also how I want to go about doing it. In order for me to get anything done, I need to make little promises and plans for myself. So here’s my little promise now.

Every Monday I want to make something. We’re into our third week of the new year, so I figure if I make something every Monday, then I will have created 49 things by the end of 2017. That means that I will have been somewhat creative 49 times this year. So let’s aim for that.

My small promise to myself, that I will hold myself accountable for, is to make something every Monday. No, this isn’t a resolution; I don’t believe in those. They get forgotten too quickly. Also no, this isn’t a goal. I’m bad at setting those. This is a promise.


I think promises mean so much more. There’s something magical and sacred and sweet about a promise. And I hate it when people don’t keep promises, and I don’t intend on hating myself (a lot) this year.

We’ll explore a little more later about promises. Promises are just so fragile.

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